Dental Occlusion

Dental Occlusion | Billings, MT

Correcting misalignment of your upper and lower teeth protects the teeth and relieves pain.

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Why does my occlusion matter?

Occlusion is how your upper and lower teeth meet when you close your mouth—your bite. Malocclusion indicates a poor bite. For example, the upper teeth sit much farther forward than the lower teeth (overbite), or the lower jaw protrudes more (underbite). Malocclusion can cause your teeth to grind together, leading to tooth damage, jaw pain, or TMJ disorder. 



Dr. Bagby and Dr. Stokke have successfully treated more than 1,000 malocclusion cases. They may recommend an oral appliance called a splint to wear at night. The custom-made splint can help you relax your jaw muscles, prevent teeth grinding, and properly align your bite. Oral appliance therapy relieves your pain now and prevents further damage to your teeth and jaw. 

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