TMJ Disorder Treatment

You don’t have to live with pain in your jaw.

Treating TMJ relieves daily pain and can prevent further damage to your teeth and jaw bones.

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What is TMJ Disorder?

Degenerated jaw joints cause TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. TMJ causes pain in your jaw and near your ears when you open and close your mouth, like when you eat or speak. Your teeth may align poorly or grind when they come together, which can contribute to joint pain and breakdown.



Our oral appliance therapy can help diagnose and treat TMJ disorder. We custom design an occlusal splint to create a small space between your upper and lower jaw. This minor intervention relieves pressure on the jaw joints, inhibits overactive jaw muscles, and protects your teeth from grinding damage. We’ll give you much-needed relief and create a plan for long-term joint stability. 

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